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How many ovens do you keep in the kitchen? Do you have a built-in oven and microwave? Do you own a range? It’s reassuring to know that our company can fix them all. It’s also good to know that we provide quick oven repair in Ottawa, Ontario. We simply know that both ovens and stoves are major cooking appliances. When they can’t serve you, they are useless and make your daily cooking chores impossible. So give us a call here at Ottawa Appliance Repair every time you have trouble with youOven Repair Ottawar ovens.

Call us for any oven repair in Ottawa

Which oven doesn’t work right? Contact our company for any oven service in Ottawa, ON. In spite of their variations in terms of brand, size, type, and model, we repair them all.

  • Want electric or gas oven repair? We service all built-in models whether your oven is single or double, gas or electric. Our tech comes equipped to check the appliance, diagnose its problems, replace its damaged parts, and fix it.
  • Is there a problem with the range? Call us now for range repair. Whether the problem with this special appliance is related to the oven or stove, our experts can repair it.

So, you can rely on us for stove repair as well. When your range stove or counter mounted cooktop gives you trouble, one call to our company will suffice. Our tech will tackle the stove problems in a jiffy.

  • We also offer microwave oven repair. These special appliances are small but still some of the most useful units in the kitchen. If there is trouble with yours, simply give us a call. We repair the most innovative microwave ovens.

Want to install a new oven, range, or stove? Call our oven service techs

Our services also include stove, range, and built-in oven installation. Whether the new appliance is gas or electric, get in touch with us and let our pros install it. We have experience and can guarantee excellent service.

We are always focused when we service your cooking appliances and will go out of our way to cover your repair needs quickly. Whether you are in need of Ottawa oven repair or stove service, simply give us a call and we’ll be there.

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